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 We hope everyone is having an amazing summer!  Raise your hand if you enjoyed sleeping in just a little while longer this summer! My kids started school this month and my life has kicked right back into overdrive within seconds!! (I literally curse the alarm every morning at 5am.) My challenge each year is to find a more effective way to balance work, life and being a momtrepreneur.  With the 2016-17 school year either in full swing or right around the corner TSK is pleased to share with you a little treat!  Our very own ” Kharena “Reenie” Keith has launched a podcast dedicated to fostering a more open and honest dialogue with educators and parents!!

The TSK community knows Reenie as our Team Too Marketing Coordinator but she is also the Chief Education Officer at the Keith Institute and a seasoned educator in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. Kharena has spent the past 10 years in the classroom and in executive administrative roles, researching and implementing the education systems of tomorrow and her mission is to use her experience to introduce thought provoking conversations and creative solutions to some of the challenges we face in education today.

As you are all aware Team Too is always in the lab creating content and products that we hope will enhance your life. Lysi has taken event styling to a new level with the launch of The Lysi Life and Reenie is doing the same with her new podcast. Of course you know that we live for family, fun and fashion!!

Here is a little food for thought for your #family!!

TSK is pleased to introduce the “Urban State of Mind”.

Kharena "Reenie" Keith

Kharena “Reenie” Keith

Reenie we are so excited to introduce the Urban State of Mind (USM) to TSK. Tell us a little about the podcast.

This unique podcast is a Free resource for educators, parents and the community. I love podcasts, but I couldn’t find many with topics relevant to the urban environment that I teach in. So, my partner in pedagogy and I decided to create it.

Well of course you know we are your #1 supporters! I am certain that the TSK Community will enjoy this candid conversation. I think it will allow our readers to get to know “Reenie” and connect with you as an educator.  We know for sure that we keep you very busy with TSK and The Lysi Life so give us the story behind USM and how it came to fruition.

On weekends, when Akia and I would get together (because our boyfriends are homies) we would find ourselves chatting about the joys and pains of working in urban education All. Night. Long. I knew that she was in the thick of it, like myself, and we wanted to share with other educators who might not have a circle of teacher friends or experiences growing up in an urban setting like many of our students.

Tell us why this is relevant to the TSK Community? How can our moms and families benefit from your content?

This is also for the parents, who just have questions and no one to ask.  I often find that parents have questions about education and do not want to ask their child’s teacher or school. They want a third-party opinion. These days, my non-teacher friends are frustrated constantly in their ability to best support their children’s academic growth. I want to do what I can to bridge the gap in accessibility. I want parents to know where they can turn and that you do not have to be wealthy to give your child the academic edge.

Well then sign me up!! I am soo that mom. I have questions for days…you of course have experienced my minor psychotic moments first hand! You have helped me to avoid major catastrophes with my kid’s teachers by offering an educators’ perspective. I am very much an advocate for teachers but when a mom feels that her child has been treated unfairly she becomes a different person!!! What do you want the listener to take away from the podcast?

The podcast opens a 2-way line of communication, not only disseminating information, but also gathering questions, comments and feedback from listeners.

It Takes a Village

Enjoy! You can find Urban State of Mind on iTunes and on Sound Cloud!


#TeamToo #Reenie

#TeamToo #Reenie




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