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I have been following Sweet Threads on Instagram for some time now and have become a huge fan. I love a vintage look, but let’s be honest, who has the time to spend the day in thrift shops and flea markets searching for the perfect vintage pieces? Well, Shella, owner of Sweet Threads does, and she has made it her business to search high and low to bring moms awesome mini vintage finds. I had the opportunity to talk with Shella about life, vintage finds, store life, and the mobile bus boutique.


Originally from Long Beach, CA, Shella has always had a passion for fashion. Her mother, a nurse, and her father, a navy man expected her to carry on tradition and become nurse as well. Shella however, had a dream of her own and wasn’t going to let her parents or anyone else stop her from pursuing her dream.

Before the VW van or the store front, there was an etsy store opened by two friends who met in the 5th grade. Both women were in the fashion industry. Her partner, was a mother who had a love for children’s fashion and Shella had always been a fan of vintage clothing. They realized vintage kids was a small market thats wasn’t being touched and decided to go for it.

Shella explained that the name Sweet Threads has more than one meaning besides the obvious, “sweet threads” as in “cool clothes.” “Sweet” also implies the sweetness of children. Shella shared that ”Kids are sweet and whimsical is sweet too; I love pastels and they are sweet as well, threads of course is another way of saying clothes.”

Like many of us on our journey to fulfill a dream, the path we intend to take can sometimes change. In the beginning the vision was an Etsy store and a mobile bus boutique. In late 2011, Shella and her then partner purchased a bus and set out for the Rose Bowl flea market where they caught the attention of baby blogger, The Stork and the Beanstalk, who featured Sweet Threads on their site. With their popularity growing, still working full time jobs, and traveling from flea market to flea market, by the end of 2012 they were exhausted. In Dec of 2012 Shella started looking for store fronts in Long Beach and found the perfect store in March of 2013.



Today both the online store and retail location are a mixture of vintage and designer brands. Sweet Threads carries some of Too Scoops favorite designers such as HATCH FOR KIDSHOUSE OF MIAHUCKLEBONESMINI AND MAXIMUS, and more!  When asked what designer brands were her fave. Shella shared ” For boys, I would have to say Mini and Maximus. They hit it right on! It’s comfortable, they have cool graphics, and they sell art for kids, by kids which I love! For girls, Woven Play. I love that stuff! It’s beautifully made and whimsical and artistic. I just love anything whimsical and playful.”




I always like to end my interview by asking what advice our store owners/designers would give to aspiring entrepreneurs and here’s what she had to say…”Keep working hard and don’t let ANYONE discourage you. It takes a lot of hard work, it’s not easy and it’s not going to be handed to you on a silver platter. But no matter what–keep going and in the end the pay off is so worth it. (Between you and me TSK—I couldn’t agree more.)

If you are in the Long Beach, CA area stop by and shop new and vintage finds at 3301 E. 4th St. Long Beach, Ca 90814 and if you’re not don’t worry shop online at www.shopsweetthreads.com

Also, don’t forget to follow sweet threads on IG and Facebook for the cutest style suggestions on how to mix vintage & new pieces.

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