Product Review: Pacific Baby Thermal Baby Bottle

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Too Scoops Kids as coordinated by Guzzie + Guss  a Pink Pearl Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication. All opinions are my own.

My experience with Pacific Baby Thermal Baby Bottle could be summed up as average. The size and design of the bottle, the ease in which you can hold it, and the fact that it fit snugly into most diaper bag pockets, were highlights for me. The design of, and my formula-fed infant’s inability to latch onto, the nipple were the biggest disadvantages to me. I was most surprised by how easy it was to make formula directly into the bottle. The spout is large enough to view and measure the amount of water and formula you are pouring, something I tend to view from the outside of the bottle. What was confusing was the instructions to not pour hot water into the thermos.. how am I to keep warm formula in here then? What is the “temperature safe zone” that I should use as a guideline?


As a mom of four, I have found it easier to feed my children room temperature formula, so I lack the need for an insulated bottle. I could see this type of bottle being useful for when I give my children juice, and with how lightweight the bottle is, it would make a great sippy cup. I would recommend this product for parents on the go; families that commute together, parents spending all day at a sport/activity, short road trips, etc.


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Jasmin Ong

Jasmin Ong

Jasmin, a South San Francisco native, is a mom of four; Felix (8), Mila (6), Jayla (4), and Sean (3 months). She graduated from San Jose State University w/a degree in Human Resource Management and currently works as the Customer Relations Manager for one of the nations largest automotive groups. In her “free” time she enjoys watching the San Francisco 49ers and Giants w/her husband and keeping up w/the latest nail trends. One parenting rule she lives by? Make sure your children are dressed as well, if not better, than you.

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