Product Review: Green Toys Rocket

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Too Scoops Kids as coordinated by Green Toys Inc. in consideration for review publication. All opinions are my own.


Classic + Engaging + Durable = Green Toy Rocketship

Taking it back to the era before iPhones, batteries, and chargers, this toy entertained my four year old daughter until her eight year old brother claimed it as his own. I have to be honest, I was surprised that they enjoyed it so much. In the simplest form possible, it is built with just a few pieces (top tier, body, and two space people) where the only instructions needed were “imagine and play.” It has been a month since receiving the rocketship and I still find my kids using it during play time.

“To infinity and beyond” were not the words that my toddler used while playing with her rocketship, but by me when describing its durability to my friends w/small children. We live in a three story town home, and many toys have met their end by being thrown over the banister on the top floor. The rocketship has taking a few lickings but remains in great shape. I’m not sure what can be done to it (that hasn’t been done already) to alter its function or cosmetics.

I would recommend this product for children 6 months – 8 years. I say such a young age because this eco friendly product has no external coatings, so I don’t worry about my teething infant gnawing on it til his heart’s content.


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Jasmin Ong

Jasmin Ong

Jasmin, a South San Francisco native, is a mom of four; Felix (8), Mila (6), Jayla (4), and Sean (3 months). She graduated from San Jose State University w/a degree in Human Resource Management and currently works as the Customer Relations Manager for one of the nations largest automotive groups. In her “free” time she enjoys watching the San Francisco 49ers and Giants w/her husband and keeping up w/the latest nail trends. One parenting rule she lives by? Make sure your children are dressed as well, if not better, than you.

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