Well, last I wrote I was introducing myself to the blogging world from the beginning well lets fast forward to the present. I am no longer on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The boys are my world, and I love spending quality time with them. With that being said I am a pretty busy mom, as most soccer moms I know are. I juggle these 3 kids with our crazy busy schedule, and I enjoy almost every minute of it. If my minivan could talk it would probably say give me a break! I tend to need an oil change every month in a half instead of 3 months circling the same 5 mile radius. I already know I could NEVER EVER even breathe in the direction of a leased car. In a given week after school is dismissed my sons can have play dates, soccer practice, swimming, chess, art, baseball, wrestling, mommy and me music, some type of program at the University and a few games. I personally carry a full course load of classes, do a little volunteer work, and teach meditation classes. My family is always on the GO. If it’s a free event for the kids, you can expect me to show up 3 kids in tow. They will be well behaved primarily because I make lots of idle threats before we leave the car.

Raising boys is a full time job you know. I try and make sure they get lots of educational experiences and while I am sure they will grow up to be well rounded well socialized young men, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I just want them out of the house! When they are at home they argue, and make big messes that I have to either clean up, or lose my voice yelling at them to clean up. Anything is subject to turn into an argument. If someone spills juice they just leave it there, and when I ask who did it they point at each other and go into a “David did it”, “no mommy Michael did it” BOOM an argument over who did what, when and why. Or the old blame the baby technique ” Xavier did it” which is a blatant lie because if Xavier did it he will clean it up, granted he usually cleans with a shirt he found nicely folded in MY DRAWER but he at least attempts to clean up after himself. So when we out of the house it limits the opportunities for me to have to play referee.

So we leave the house, we enroll in anything, and everything. I especially love places that I can sit in a corner and study while the kids wear themselves out. I have one gray hair and I probably got it that one day I decided to STAY HOME! I am one stay at home mommy that is never home. For me staying busy keeps me sane. Are there any techniques that you use to keep you a sane mommy?


My name is Nikki, I am a 31 year old full-time mom of 3 boys David (7) Michael (5) Xavier (1) and Full time Student studying Psychology. I am an extended breastfeeding, non-circ, baby wearing, attached parenting, love and logic following, holistic principled mama that believes it’s the little things that count.

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