Hey TSK Family!! last week me and Elijah went to see ParaNorman and I thought I would do a movie review for any moms that might be taking the kids to the movies this weekend. Here it is…..

Movie Review: ParaNorman

ParaNorman is a beginner’s level scary movie that sneaks more than a few moral lessons into the plot. Norman Babcock is a loner who is teased because he is able to see and talk to dead people. His dear grandmother who has passed away serves as his protector and best friend.  Norman’s only other friend is a cute little “fat” funny kid who is also an outcaste in school. The story gives a minor history lesson in “Witch Trials.” It depicts the story of a “special” girl who was mistreated and murdered because she had special powers. Hundreds of years later Norman’s town celebrates this ancient curse that the little “witch” has caste on her enemies.  Legend has it that the little girl cursed the town because they convicted her, and if someone does not stop the curse then the dead will rise and overtake the community.  The cute, “freak”, Norman is tasked with stopping the curse because he is the only person who believes that there really is a curse. Despite the fact that he is bullied constantly in school, and his family thinks he is weird and embarrassing, he decides to go on this mission alone to save his town. He has quite a few obstacles that he must overcome before he saves the day. In the end Norman reminds the viewers that hurting someone who mistreats you does not resolve the problem, and that usually people say and do mean things because they are afraid and don’t know how else to express that emotion.

Fact Check: The story (rather people caught on or not) highlighted the persecution, torture, and execution of more than seven million women suspected of being witches in American and Europe. These women, usually very intelligent women, were deemed “witches” and convicted without just cause.

“Side-eye” Moments- There were definitely some moments that I wanted to just say “really,” are you really programming our children to think that’s cool. There were some sexually suggestive moments in the movie. There was a sarcastic, bullying undertone that was evident throughout the movie, they cursed, and there was a part in the movie where the “cool guy” made mention of his “boyfriend.”

What’s the Verdict: It’s a cute movie. It had funny moments. I thought the special effects were great. It was packed with Zombies and kid-thrilling moments. Elijah enjoyed it he said it was “a cool scary movie” However, I don’t think anyone under the age of 7 should go and see this movie, and I think that parents should take a moment to address the “Side-eye” moments  with their kids after the movie.


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