Mom’s Night Out: Atlanta Edition 

My husband and I had a much needed night out on Saturday (Thank God for Grandmothers!) We had a really good time! I think it is very important to have moments where it’s just you and your special guy enjoying each other’s company. I don’t think that it’s always that easy because we are BUSY women, but making it a point to just enjoy the company of the one you love in a very chill, enjoyable atmosphere is essential.

Okay enough of that-let’s talk about Ray’s in the City. My hubby loves seafood so typically when we go out we are trying out a new seafood restaurant (I don’t care where we go as long as they have a bar!) I have been to Ray’s on the River several times but this was my first time visiting Rays in The City. Overall the experience was a positive one. The food was amazing! My husband ordered the broiled seafood platter and I ordered the crab cakes. The food literally melts in your mouth and they have a sushi bar! It was a cool atmosphere-not to upscale-live music-right in the heart of down town. You can definitely get away with a more casual attire which helps when you are just trying to relax.

Now the service was not so good. I really like an attentive server (maybe I am asking for too much) but that was not the case; I can say that our server was very apologetic for being inattentive which was cool, but it could have been better. Let me tell you what the highlight was for me! They have these peach martini’s that are sooo good! The martini is a little pricey ($18.00) but it is enough for about 3 and a half glasses which means you can share it with your guy! I was very excited about this!!

The parking was horrible, but we already know Downtown parking in any city is pretty bad. In a perfect world either there will be a parking lot or valet, but clearly that is not happening on that very congested strip between The Fox and The Westin! We parked in this ridiculously narrow parking structure with one elevator that took forever to get there (The silver lining was it only cost 5.00.) It was super-duper cold on Saturday (def. felt like I was on the east coast/Midwest) but after a few drinks I felt very warm and cozy! All in all I would give Ray’s In the City a thumbs up!

Ray’s In the City

240 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta ·

(404) 524-9224

Price: Moderate- On Average 30.00 a person

Drinks: Good

Location: Downtown Atlanta


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