MOMents with Jenny: Please Don’t Stop The Music!!

My eight year old son is my type of kid. He is independent and helpful, he is an awesome big brother to his two year old sister, and he is so freaking intelligent it is amazing to me that this little boy is all mine :D big grin:) happy. The problem with releasing your kid to the world is that they come back with all of these new “perspectives” on life. So I was picking my son up from camp and we were listening to “Favorite Nursery Rhymes” by Baby Genius. My son said “mom I want to talk to you about something.” “I said okay Manny shoot.” He said well when I am at camp all of the kid’s sing these songs, but I never know any of them because we always listen to “Your Inspiration Stuff,” “Oldies but Goodies” or “Nursery Rhymes,” so can we listen to the radio sometimes?!? I chuckled to myself because I can really understand his argument, but my concern as a parent is that I don’t really like the lyrics of the music on the radio. Even when I tune into Radio Disney and take a moment to really assess the lyrics of the songs, I am just not pleased. So anyway while I am having this side conversation with myself my son is still presenting his case. He said okay so mom “why don’t we listen to the radio on the way home from school only?” I said well you usually read to mom on the way home from school, he said “yes mom but I also read to you before dinner so this would be a nice compromise.” Okay, so now I am compromising with my 8yr old :-? thinking…I agreed to allow him to listen to Radio Disney on the way home from camp/school every day. So now I don’t feel like a total kill-joy and my son just announced that I was the “best mom ever,” but I am still a little conflicted with the adult lyrics that have been made “kid-friendly.”
My question is, as parents how do you find a balance between not wanting your kid “out of touch,” and also not promoting the music that is laced with adult content and sexual innuendos? I tuned in to 19 kids and counting on TLC this morning and the Duggers said that they don’t allow their kids to dance because they think it promotes sexual thoughts. They also said that their children only play and listen to classical music because it keeps their thoughts pure??? Say what you want but I think they could be on to something!

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