TSK my son has been trying to negotiate a later bed time /:) raised eyebrows. He has been making subtle hints over the last couple of weeks that he feels that he should have a later bed time. He started off by dropping hints like “so mom, I am eight now…when I was seven my bed-time was 8:30pm right?” or “So mom…do most kids have their bedtime increased every year?” Of course I knew exactly where this conversation was going, so I chose to just give really brief yes or no answers, because I don’t know, I was just being a little difficult (sue me.) So finally my son is totally over me and my one word answers and he just asks “Mom can I stay up until 9:30; I am in 3rd grade now, and I think that I can handle it.” (It’s always funny to me how kids start to declare their age.) I of course said “no” and my follow-up statement made reference to an “8yr old growing boy such as yourself needing as much rest as possible to be as brilliant as you are.” Of course to my son thought this was just ridiculous (and I have to admit that it wasn’t one of my better explanations.) I could tell he was fighting the urge to say something else, but because I have been lecturing him about “always having some uberly witty response to say after every statement I make, which I consider back talk,” (regardless of if he does make perfect sense) he just kept quiet.

Now he has settled for asking me every night for a few minutes here and there.  Last week he said “mom can I stay up until 9:05pm?” I thought 9:05pm was a pretty reasonable request, so of course I said “sure babe.” This clearly set off a red flag in his little brain because he has been asking for increases ever since…finally I put my foot down right at the 9:30pm mark (ironically), and I said “you know what Manny… “I WISH SOMEONE WOULD GIVE ME A BED TIME.”  My boss said this to her little girl when we were up one night, long after 11pm preparing for the next day of hecticism (I made that up.) I thought it was very fitting for this conversation with my little one because I promise you, I wish someone would give me a bed time!! I wish that I could go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning dishes would be done, lunches would be made, reports would be completed, the house would be clean, husbands would be satisfied (Ha!), and the list goes on and on… (Wishful thinking) I-) sleepy
P.S. I am thinking of doing a Rudy and Bill Cosby type experiment on my son and this “stay up late” thing, but I don’t know…he might call my bluff.

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