Hello everyone! My name is Annabel and I am a fashion designer and an aunt (#coolaunt) to a teen, tween, and a 7 year old fella. They call me Tia, Auntie Annie, or Nanny Annie :/ Some things you should you know about me are:
  1. I am in the process of designing a children’s t-shirt line called Hola Lola.
  2. I have a pet cat named Lola Frida Macarena. She is the inspiration for this collection. I couldn’t decide on one name so my mom and I gave her THREE.
  3. I am horrible with names, especially when calling for my niece and nephews. Sorry Daniel, Anahi, and Johnny or should I say Johniel, Johnahi, and Danahi.
  4. In my free time, I enjoy catching up on the 58,754 episodes of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on my DVR. I never finish. EW! is my     favorite sketch.
  5. My latest obsession is GLITTER! I’ve been getting my hands, and basically anywhere I step, dirty with different types of colors of glitter. I feel like a chemist poring and mixing colors together. I’ve even given the glitter blends names. Best name so far… Unicorn snow day for a chunky, pink and sky blue iridescent, white mixture.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me!



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