Hey TSK Family!! I recently teamed up with Tiny Prints to create a styled holiday shoot. As I browsed the selection of holiday invitations on the Tiny Prints website I came across a Cocktails and Cookies invitation and immediately thought, ” What a great theme!” I mean, who wouldn’t want to be invited to a cocktails and cookies themed celebration? Personally, whenever I think of the holiday season, the first thing that pops into my head is cookies and then cocktails and not always in that order. Today’s post is for all my people out there who love cocktails and/or cookies, so basically it’s for everyone!



I knew immediately I was going to create a cookie bar with all of my faves: chocolate chip, iced oatmeal, peanut butter, etc.

I set out to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere around the cookies. My goals was to create a vibe that said “Here it is ok for you to eat yourself into a cookie coma. No one will judge you.”

To create this environment, I used different color woods against a brick wall, added a little greenery and a few pine cones to give it a winter-like quality. Having a brick wall for my shoot was a must for me and since I do not have a brick wall in my apartment, I rented a super cool space on breather that did.



Let’s talk about the”Cookies” sign! I love how this wood sign turned out plus it was pretty easy to make. Here’s how I did it…

I purchased a piece of 4×4 plywood from my local Home Depot and *stained it using a foam brush and Varathane Wood Stain in the color Dark Walnut.

*Staining Tip: I made the mistake of not wiping the excess stain off the wood so it took a REALLY long time to dry. Learn from my mistakes and make sure you take an old rag or a paper towel and wipe the excess stain from the wood once you’re done applying.

Once the stain was dry I applied 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic in clear matte to my plywood. This is a protective finish that dries super fast and provides a smoother surface for the vinyl to adhere to (do not skip this step! If you do not add the polycrylic to your wood the vinyl will not stick).

Next, I used my Cricut Explore machine to cut out the COOKIES design, as well as the labels for the jars on white vinyl. Working with vinyl has become a favorite for me. It’s extremely easy to work with and can be applied to multiple surfaces.

I then, used transfer tape to center the Cookies image and used a scraper to burnish the design onto the plywood. I repeated this same method on the jars with the vinyl labels.

I made the small wood labels the same way I did the cookie sign. However, I purchased these oval wooden shapes at Micheal’s.






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