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Love my Alannah is an adorable website where you can find unique accessories for children and a even a few for moms. I had the pleasure of talking with Samantha, Creator of LMA and mother of  2 year old Alannah about the story behind LMA, what inspires her, and how she juggles it all.

Here’s The Scoop on Love My Alannah!

I learned at a very young age the right accessory can make a great outfit”


Love my Alannah is a business born out of both loss and love. Samantha’s was blessed with a fabulous single mother. A mother that sacrificed everything for her children and always encouraged and supported her daughter to strive for her dreams. Growing up Samantha didn’t get to see her mother as often as she’d like as she had to work to provide for her children. Loosing her mother and becoming a mother (probably the saddest and happiest moments of a women’s life) have been the main driving forces behind LMA.

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 From the time Alannah was born, Samantha has always be a fan of dressing her daughter in trendy, kid-approriate clothing. Alannah was the star of holiday themed photo shoots styled by who else but mommy. Samantha started taking some items she owned and re-creating them into fashionable, kid-friendly pieces and people noticed. It seemed like everywhere she went someone was asking where she got this necklace or that hair bow from and her response would always be the same… a simple “I created it” followed by a smile. It was during these encounters that Samantha realized that this was both something she enjoyed and  a way to earn an income and stay at home to raise her daughter in a way her mother was unable to do.

 It was actually Samantha’s mother that came up with the name Love My Alannah.  She recalls…” I didn’t know what to call it, My mom asked me what do you love most in this world? and I said I love my Alannah, and just like that I had a name.”



At LMA you can find some of the latest trends in children’s fashion such as polkadots, neons, and mommy & me fashions. ” I love to match my daughter” shares Samantha “But I also try not to create anything I wouldn’t want Alannah to wear. I get a lot of inspiration from my social media networks but I stray away from things that are too grown up or not kid-appropriate.” How does Samantha decides if an item is fit for children you ask? Well, with her very own kid tester, Alannah. “I try to create items based on age, activity level, etc. but the biggest factor is if my daughter can wear it all day and be comfortable then I feel good selling it to other moms.”

When I talk to mom-treprenuers I always have to ask the question “How do you find the time?” Samantha shared with me that she is an “extremely structured” person. Before starting LMA and becoming a stay at home mom, she used to work for the state as a case manager which meant well planned days. Now, she structures her  work days around around lunch time and naps. Her favorite part of the work day is when she receives pictures of mini fashionistas wearing LMA. She shared with me that while she is not able to post all of them right away she greatly enjoys each and every photo she receives.

LMA is a family effort! members of this family  don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves, including a cousin who is in fashion and a very supportive fiancé and father to Alannah who hosts nightly bath time and bed time reading so mommy can work on getting orders out to her customers. But none of this would be possible without the help of her brother Chris known to Alannah as “Uncle No No”. Samantha made it very clear that Chris has played a huge role in the success of LMA. “He has been extremely supportive! he raised me while my mother worked all those hours, he assists in financing LMA, he pick up LMA merchandise and helps in any way he can… He’s so much more than an uncle to Alannah, He’s her godfather, grandparent, and occasion babysitter.”


When asked about the the most popular item right now, Samantha shared the Mini Icon sunglasses are her best seller at the moment. If these aren’t cute enough for you, In addition, to the adorable items listed on the website, you can also e-mail LMA at to place custom orders.
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Samantha’s advice to other mom-treprenuers was simple “Never accept no as an answer! People will say no and no is not an option!”  I think this is a mantra all mom-treprenuers and women in general can live by.


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