Today is September 5, 2016. It’s Monday, it’s Labor day and It’s also my BFF and the other half of TSK’s 33rd birthday! I would never be able to express in words how much I love this amazing woman, how grateful I am that we are able to chase our dreams, and how fortunate I am that we are able to stand in the sun together! I wish you a million epic moments; Let’s live this life Lysi! We have to dance in the rain, sing like no one is listening and live in our truth!! If we don’t then what is the point of it all???


Pop Quiz?! Do you really know Lysi?

1. My real name is Alysia (pronounced Ah-li-see-uh) but my friends call me Lysi (Lee-See).

2. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA but I currently live in the greatest city in the world, New Yawk City!

3. My favorite food is pizza. As far as I’m concerned there’s only 2 types of pizza, Good and GREAT!

4. I’ve studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and Alajuela, Costa Rica.

5. Me and my sister were born on the same day 9 years apart.


6. I am a TRUE Virgo…loyal, critical, obsessive, the whole nine.

 7. I’m addicted to notebooks. I have hundreds of them and I keep buying more.

 8. I’m a coffee lover. The stronger the better, espresso is my fav.

9. Sometimes when I am excited I stutter.

10. I really suck when it comes to punctuation.

11. I believe the best album of all time is The Miseducation of Lauren Hill.


12. I am currently working on becoming an early riser, so far not so good.

13. I love to travel! I’ve been blessed to travel to many places including China, Japan, Thialand, Spain, Greece, and France. My favorite destination was Santorini, Greece.

 14. I’m very protective over the people I love.

 15. I don’t believe in only going all out for milestone birthdays. Every birthday should be celebrated with the same enthusiasm and passion.

16. I’m obsessed with florals. I don’t care what type of celebration it is, it’s not complete without flowers.

17. I talk to myself quite a bit.


18. I hate text message conservations. Just call me!

19. I love to read! My favorite book is I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb.

20. I wasn’t always a fan of cats, but now I have a little fur baby named Chloe that I adore.

 21. I’m Puerto Rican but my Spanish sucks.

22. I didn’t get a drivers license until I was almost 22 years old.

23. I’m not a fan of sushi.

24. I love staying in hotels.


25. I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan.

26. I just learned how to parallel park a few years ago thanks to my friend B, who got fed up with me driving around the city looking for a spot I can pull into and forced me to learn.

27. I love foreign movies.

28. If you don’t think I’m funny you’re too serious and we can’t be friends.

29. I am funny! I crack myself up all the time.


30. I love musicals. I’ve watched Dream Girls over twenty times.

31. I think certain party themes should be retired.

32. My favorite color combo is black and white.

33. I love candid photos of people talking, hugging, or laughing. When I see pictures of people laughing, I start smiling even if I don’t know them.



Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better. Have a Happy Labor Day! 


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