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Today’s gift idea/giveaway is a a set of table manner cards from golly gee-peers.

Several years ago when I was picking up my daughter from a sleep over I asked if she had behaved. The father replied, “yes, but she chews her food like a horse!” He demonstrated this with wide-mouthed chomping followed by a kind chuckle. I knew this family well so, I was not offended. However, I did realize something had to be done. I went home and quickly drew some silly sketches with captions and corresponding thumbs-up or thumbs-down illustrations, put them inside zip lock sandwich bags and “ta-da!” Table Manners Cards were born. In very little time my daughter was using her good table manners in anticipation of receiving thumbs-up cards and consciously avoiding the thumbs-down cards. When we added Mom and Dad or a play date into the game the friendly competition resulted in a dining experience even Emily Post would have approved of. Since then, I have had a second daughter and she has been equally “inspiring.” With the encouragement of family and friends I decided to produce my card game and put it on the market. Thanks to the cooperation of local orthodontist and pediatric groups I was able to survey parents, grandparents and caregivers and later put the game through a series of focus groups. My goal was not to simply get the game on the market but to provide a useful tool that would address table manners in the moment they occur. This had to be done in a way that would enhance not diminish the meal time experience and of course be fun. It took an honest parent with humor, a thick skinned one with imagination and a developing child to bring this game to fruition. I hope that your family will play it, enjoy it and benefit from it.

Staci Ericson, Creator/Owner



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