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Today’s gift idea/giveaway is 1 (one) “Giraffe” Wand from Giraffe Bath and Body.

The “Giraffe” Is A Women’s Shaving Accessory Designed to Extend the Length of Your Razor Handle an Additional 15- 20 inches. The Giraffe is easy to use and just takes a moment for you to adjust the length and angle to the position that you need to shave the entire length of your legs safely and comfortably.

The Giraffe features two universal attachments, small and large, that snap onto the head of the handle and provide a means of securely locking your razor into place. These  attachments easily accommodate the most popular disposable and reusable razors on the market today.

The unique telescoping handle extends the length of your razor an additional 15 to 20 inches. The pivoting head offers three different angles to choose from and easily lock into position at a 30 ,45 or 90 degree angle.

Extending the razor handle length as well as adjusting the angle enables women, while shaving, to reach the entire length of their legs without having to bend at the waist. This minimizes the risk of falling or slipping in the shower.

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