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Today’s gift idea/giveaway is from FlikFlops.

FLIK FLOPS are a brand new, innovative and patent pending design in children’s flip flops.  The unique LED lights on the outsole of the flip flops flicker with each step creating a vibrant lighted path while walking. Originating from the inquisitive mind of a seven year old while vacationing in Laguna Beach, FLIK FLOPS are functional and fun. Kids love the interactive design and parents appreciate the visibility of the LED lights at night for added safety while walking.

FLIK FLOPS was launched in 2013, as a family business engaging the entire family of five. With three kids under the age of 10, the project was a collaborative experience where everyone had a part in the design and creation of the business. The 7 year old came up with the idea, the 6 year old with the name and little brother helped in quality control, in other words testing the durability of the product.

FLIK FLOPS is proof that children sometimes have the best ideas.

Enter to win two pairs (one pink & one blue) of LED flip flops below.



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