HATCH Maternity  is the type of line that makes you want to go out and get pregnant just to wear these amazing fashions. And their Spring/Summer 2013 line is no exception. Made to wear for 9 months of pregnancy and then some creator Ariane Goldman could not have gotten it more RIGHT!

“In early 2011, Ariane became pregnant and found the same frustration while looking for pieces to flatter and celebrate a growing belly that can be worn again and not disposable after 9 months.  She couldn’t believe that little was really available for chic women like her who want to blossom and feel beautiful and invest in pieces to go from stage to stage.  So she designed and created “HATCH” a collection of 14 key pieces for the pregnant woman.  The 14 piece collection has key pieces for everyday casual to dressing up and going out for a special occasion.  These pieces are designed to be ageless, timeless, and fit all sizes, shapes and builds. The silhouettes are smart, easy and designed to look stylish beyond the 9 months.”

I am so into this collection right now and if thats not enough for you HATCH is also a sponsor of Every Mother Counts , a campaign that strives to bring  awareness about global maternal mortality.

“Your purchase will help us spread the word and build a movement of moms who know the value of a mom’s life—no matter where she lives—is worth fighting for!”

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