This years  Halloween costumes are taking on a whole new persona.  Forget barbie and princesses today’s girl is strong yet feminine,  and heroic yet girly.  These costumes are saying I am SUPER , I am CAPABLE of anything, and I am a GIRL….

YES!!! Spider Girl with a Tutu.. Half super hero, half fashionista. It doesn’t get any better…We Just LOVE this! Pick up this little pink number at Party City for around $30.00

Dun-da-da-daaaa! Super girl to the rescue…Find this fabulously pink ensemble online at  for around $35.00

On Today’s Agenda…SAVE THE WORLD! This iconic wonder girl costume can also be found on for around $30.00

Bat girl never looked so chic putting criminals in jail and still perfect in pink! Find this super costume on for around $20-25.00

Is your super girl rocking a fabulously fierce costume this Halloween?  We would love to see pics! email the photos to

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