Dressing My Son in a World of Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Dogs…

When the doctor confirmed I was pregnant with a boy I could not resist the temptation to stop by a store to buy my son his first onesie.

Walking into the children’s department you see a sea of girls clothes and a pond for boys.  Monkey faces, dog bones, skulls and cross bones on everything.  After picking up a shirt that had a dog with a bone in its mouth that read “too dog-on cute” I made up my mind that my son would not wear animal themed clothes.

 Isn’t ironic that women are constantly calling men dogs, yet society wants us to put our children in dog themed clothing?  If nature vs. nurture is true I am doing my best to raise a gentleman not a dog.

 The hard part of this is getting your friends and family on the same page.  Having a heart to heart with my mother on the dos-and don’ts for all forth-coming gifts went over well.  She still sneaks a few animal infused shirts in there from time to time, but she’s grandma so she gets a pass. The issue comes from that one aunt at Christmas who is super excited for you to open her gift. Once the box is opened the forced grin at the t-shirt featuring a monkey holding a banana is the only thing you can muster outside of the fake thank you and searching desperately under the tissue paper for the gift receipt.

 While the choices are still slim pickings, now that my son is older it is much easier to find monkey-less clothing options for him.  I am taking full advantage of being able to select his clothes for him, because I know my days are numbered in this department.  In a few years he will make his own clothing decisions and one can only hope that he will be as fashionable as a teenager as he was as a toddler.  A mother can dream…right?


Chrystal Neely

Atlanta, GA 

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