Green Toys Inc. Is an awesome company that manufactures eco-friendly toys made from milk containers, right here in the USA. Find out more about their great products and stay tuned for our real mom product review coming soon!

“We believe the world would be a much better place if everyone said “please” and “thank you”, cell phones didn’t ring during movies, and all toys were fun, safe, and made from environmentally friendly materials. Since it’s probably no use holding our breath for those first two, we’re concentrating on the toys.

Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet.” 


How long have you been in business?
Robert von Goeben and Laurie Hyman founded Green Toys in 2007 after meeting in USC business school.



What is something that your customers would be surprised to learn about Green Toys?
Green Toys Inc was started at a dining room table, then we quickly moved to the garage, before establishing our corporate headquarters in Mill Valley, California. Also, just one pound of the recycled milk jugs we use saves enough energy to power 3,000 AAA batteries



What are moms looking for/ buying?
We believe that parents are now treating toys like they treat food – they want to know what the materials are and where they come from. I’m a mother of two small children and had been struggling to find high quality, US-made, and safe products for my family before Green Toys existed. Green Toys Inc. was born to fill this void, with the vision of providing well-designed Safe, Earth-Friendly, and Made in the USA children’s products.



How has the current toy industry changed from the past?
Consumers are doing lots of research on the products they buy before they go to the store and aren’t just looking for cheap products that are made overeseas. They are willing to invest in high quality products that are free of toxic chemicals and safe to play with. Because we manufacture here in the USA, we are able to oversee the process and ensure quality.




What are some of your favorite trends happening for children?
Kids themselves care more about the environment and are eager to learn and participate in the process of recycling and caring about the environment. We are proud to be a small part of it. By encouraging them to play with green toys early on in their life, we hope to make an impact on their environmental consciousness.

What advice would you give to our moms/women who are aspiring to incorporate environmentally friendly lifestyles with ease?
Take on small things to start. From using less plastic twist ties, to riding your bicycle to the park instead of your car, small changes can make a big impact.

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