Chloe Pink: Coloring Books With Heart

“In the summer of ’06, a little cartoon girl named Chloe Pink was born on a beach. Myrtle Beach to be exact. That’s when her marker mama, Sharna Fulton brought her to life with a Sharpie® and a sketchbook…”


When Sharna Fulton was 7 years old she decided she was going to create a coloring book, greeting card, or something to that effect. It took a little longer for this dream to come to fruition but eventually Sharna did just that when she created Chloe Pink Doodle Books.

Like many of us on the journey to find our “Chloe Pink” Sharna had a few other business ventures along the way, including a career in marketing & advertising and a pottery business. But, she never truly felt fulfilled until the summer of 2006 when she went on a trip to Myrtle Beach with her husband and Chloe Pink was finally born.


Sharna expressed that while she shares our passion for fashion, she feels that girls and women sometimes put too much emphasis on our outer appearance, in a way defining who we are. Sharna wanted to create a character that teaches children (especially young girls) that you can be fashionable and so much more! Chloe Pink is that girl! she’s young, adventurous, confident, and stylish.

The message she hopes to bring across to all who color the pages of her doodle books is quite simple; Follow your dreams and NEVER give up!  ” I want girls to have a strong role model. I want them to see Chloe Pink as a risk taker and dream chaser and do the same.” Another valuable lesson we can take away from the adventures of Chloe Pink is that we can’t always do it alone. Sometimes we need the support of our friends and family and that’s where Chloe’s trusty sidekick Pete, her dog comes in. “He is her support” shared Sharna ” Pete is her protector and friend.”

What exactly are doodle books? Fulton explains “I call them doodle book but really they are coloring books with heart”.


I was very impressed to find out that all of the Chloe Pink  doodle books have been self published. I loved hearing this because I know how easy it is to talk yourself out of following a dream. We say “I don’t know where to start”, or we fear the possibility of rejection, but Sharna overcame those voices.” I went to a book festival and I loved it! and I said to myself I can do this and I did.”  She used an online publishing and distributing website called CreateSpace and published her 1st doodle book in 2010 titled The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book.

Since that first book Chloe Pink has grown up a bit. But the message she was born to share lives on. “Follow your dreams, girl!”

What’s up next for Chloe Pink?  Well, a Chloe Pink doll is now available as well as recently published girls and boys doodle book. You can also follow the adventures of Chloe Pink on Twitter and Facebook.



Chloe Pink doodle books can be purchased on the Chloe Pink websiteAmazon and at all Salon Red Locations. You can also find t-shirts, and party favors, right HERE.

**Join TSK for a Chloe Pink book signing and free Doodle Workshop at Salon Red Kids Decatur location on Thursday, October 17th from 3-6pm and again at Salon Red Kids Brookhaven location on Thursday, October 24th from 3-6pm.**

Doodle pages and crayon bar will be provided. Hope to see you there!

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