Book Review | Chloe and Her Two Red Shoes

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Too Scoops Kids as coordinated by Treehouse Books in consideration for review publication. All opinions are my own.


Chloe and Her Two Red Shoes is an enjoyable book about a little girl who is used to hand me downs.  Chloe is the youngest of her siblings and with her mother having little money most of Chloes clothes came from her older brothers and sisters. But when Chloe turns five her mother gets her a brand new pair of red shoes that she loved and cherished from the moment she got them.

I read this book to my niece Madison and she loved it! The illustrations are vibrant and the tone of the book speaks directly to young children. Madison was able to connect with Chloe because of their similar ages and lifestyles.


This book leaves several opportunities for discussions between parents and children:

Madison’s first question while reading the book was “What is a hand me down?” This allowed me to be able to discuss with Madison that all children are not fortunate enough to receive brand new clothes as often as she does and that made her a little sad. For me, that was a great emotion because this tiny but very real truth taught Madison about empathy.

The book also shows the importance of having an appreciation for what you have. Chloe and her mother didn’t have much, so when she got those shoes she took great care of them. So much care that they could be passed down to another little girl one day. So when talking to Madison about all the things she has and how some things she shows great care for and others…not so much…it was able to put things in perspective.

Overall I think this was a really good book for young ladies and Madison is happy to have it in her collection.


Courtney Surles

Courtney Surles

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